Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program

The BCDSP International Workshop on Drug Safety & Pharmacoepidemiology

   The history of the annual BCDSP workshop on post-marketing drug safety goes back to the early 1980s, a time when few people were publishing research papers in the field of drug safety epidemiology. At this time BCDSP founder Hershel Jick initiated the first drug safety and epidemiology workshop, which took place in an English village in the Cotswolds named Minster Lovell. The four-day meeting was attended primarily by medical directors of drug companies, and more than 20 companies, as well as people from academia and regulatory agencies, were represented. The workshop is small and encourages group discussions and questions about important methodological and safety issues. One of the earlier Minster Lovell workshops was an important inspiration for the establishment of the UK General Practice Research Database.

    The BCDSP workshop has since been held in Switzerland and, in the more recent years, in France. We place a high priority on holding the workshop in pleasant surroundings that foster a collegial atmosphere.